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ICE MONEY is a program exclusively designed for the Entrepreneurs with Funding Needs
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ICE MONEY - Make; Optimal; Noble; Earnings; Young.
ICE MONEY is a program exclusively designed for Early Revenue Startups who have active startups with earlyrevenues and sustained the business for a period of 18 months. This is the Fifth level program offerred at ICE and the founders shall get the much needed support. This program is with larger focus on the Acceleration of the IDEA and raising funds for the founders. The minimum condition is that a the business to be up and running for about 18 months with valid certificates and documentation for verification, validation and selection.The enthusiasts shall get access to ICE FAIRS, ICE Houses, ICE Talks, ICE Events.
Our mission

Create a world where Businesses can go anywhere

Point to Note

The program only covers the Program fee and doesn't include the expenses for the services. Such expenses has to be bourne by the enthusiasts.

Week 1
Idea Verification & Validation with Business Modelling
Week 2
Financials; Accounting & Taxation; Legal Structures for Business; Team Profiling & HR Health Check; Branding Guidelines; Digital Marketing Needs.
Week 3
Funding NEED Analysis; MCA Statutories Clear.
Week 4
Sales Forcasting Masterclass Valuation Pitch Trials - ICErs.
Week 5
Pitch Trials - CROWD
Pitch Trials - Experts
ICE HOUSE Celebration
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Live your best Start-Up

There’s life at work and life outside of work. We want everyone to be healthy, travel often, get time to give back, and have the financial resources and support their business needs. For this to happen You need a Stable Business.

Access to services catalogue from the ICE Team, Partners & Collaborators
Connecting Startups to the Market leaders and SMEs for Business Exchange
ICE Day offers Explicit Market Promotions, Cross Border Events & Investor Sponsored Events
Participate in various activities of the ICE community by way of loyalty points.
Showcase your startup's product and services, discover services for mutual benefits.
Ice Community offers StartUps the comfort of Ideating Together