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Our aim for is to create a platform for the IDEA Banking and facilitate the necesary actions to nuture them into the live Startups by engaging in strategic advisory, consultancy, mentoring and the delivery of professional services.
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ICE is a program run by team of passionate and dedicated professionals from the Startup Industry, with a compounded experience of about 100 Years. These stalwarts have come together from various professional verticals, business ecoICEstems to provide a knowledge community across the domains of Strategy, Business, Research, Profession, Marketing, Finance, Skill, Technology, Government Programs and so on.


Your Idea Submission happens which passes through our proprietary IDEA METER. Then We Help You design and implement the Project.


This is the Phase where we help in continious Planning, Operating and Maintaining the Project


At the end of the specified period, we transfer ownership back, either freely or for an amount stipulated in the original contract.
Solutions For Every Business

Enable Your IDEA with an MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

A minimum viable product (MVP) is a concept from Lean Startup that stresses the impact of learning in new product development. This validated learning comes in the form of whether your customers will actually purchase your product.
Gain understanding about your customers’ interest in your product
Find out what actually Appeals Your Customer before Diving in
Implement the Smallest amount of Functionality that can Deliver

Accelerate with
Ideation Center of Excellence

ICE offers various services throught out the business life cycle of the Startups, from inital business setup, mentor, assist in funding, support services, business operations, taxation, business development, digital marketing, technical advisory, legal advisory, govt. connect, strategic consulting, for the benefit of Sartups. We provide services to all levels of the Startups, MSMEs defined by Govt. of INDIA.


An online Deposit Vault to park Your Idea & Work with us to Make it Sellable while it is there.


Your Idea gets scanned and delibrated over by Icers, then Scored for Commercial Viability.


Validate a Commercially Viable product / service through calibrated releases & customer feedback.


After graduation from previous phases now your Idea is put through the Operate Mode to attract Fund.


Pitch Decks get prepared and search begins for the right Investor Portfolios for the best outcome.
There doesn’t have to be a connection between the difficulty of your situation and what You are trying to Build. You can choose to remain positive and polite despite of the difficulties you are in . Those difficulties don’t have to influence what You want to Build.
Mani Lakkaraju
Chief Executive Officer

Statistics to Consider before
You Start Alone !

A large portion of people think of startups as a team of only 1-4 people with one common thread—a high threshold for chaos, but even a person company can still be calibrated to be a successful startup.
30 %
Founders of a previously successful business have a 30% chance of success with their next venture. Source
18 %
First time founders only have an 18% chance of success. Source
20 %
Founders who have failed previously have a 20% chance of success. Source
42 %
The number one reason why startups fail is due to misreading market demand — found in 42% of cases. Source: CB Insights
Join Us and together we stand a Better chance against these ODDS. We will Share Our Experience and Walk with You. We can Try and bring This kind of Smile to Your Face.
Early Stage Investor, Mentor & Business/Strategy Advisor
An Early Stage Entrepreneur is expected to take hundreds of decisions in a day that go to make or break their paths towards building a startup. ICE recognises the need for an inclusive support system that offers entrepreneurs a host of services that is aimed at making their startup journey that much more easier. Becoming a member is the first step towards making your dream come true that makes you a part of the community, which gives members an opportunity to connect with our networks and services.
Once you apply to us, you will undergo a pre-screening process to know your eligibility.

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Our Vision is to be accessible for all individuals who dream to make their ideas into a Startup.


Our Mission is to deliver ICE in a professional manner to touch the most remote points of idea discovery and fulfill the Startup journey
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